Flexographic Printing Machine


  • Printing For Shopping Bags / Packaging Material / HM, HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE, PP, Polythene, Polyester, BOPP, PVC , Cellophone, Glassine, Aluminium Foils, Plastic & Papers.


  • Extra long base to ensure press stability and solidity the structure of the press itself.
  • Highly efficient recycled air drying system consisting drying chamber fitted with nozzles of high velocity centrifugal fan is provided.
  • Two overhead fan in front & back to ensure quick drying for higher speed printing.
  • Variable Frequency Speed drive centrally controlled electric panel.
  • Finest screen on analox roller which ensures minimum consumption of ink & sharp printing.
  • In feed system transmission through V � belt which helps to maintain tension continuously printing stations.
  • Each printing station mounted with various angles to slide with identical path direction which ensures right printing contact with the material.
  • Reverse Printing arrangements - Printing possibilities front side + back side is provided upto 8 colors (0+8, 1+7, 2+6, 3+5, 4+4)

Technical Specifications

Model Machine Details
Printing Speed
80 to 120 Mts. per Minute
Film Passing Width
Up to 1100 MM
Printing Length
up to 1000 MM
Printing Colours
Up to 8 Colours